The Christmas and New Year period is coming soon and with it their share of gifts for employees, clients or partners.  While some people like to put themselves in Father Christmas' shoes, others still wonder about the usefulness of this practice. So what are the advantages of giving end of year gifts? 

Offering a gift to your employees: in order to thank and motivate them

Your company is one year older? This is no coincidence. It took the contribution of your entire team and every employee had to make an effort to carry out his or her mission.  The Christmas and New Year period is an opportunity to thank them in a more personal way for the work they have done.

Indeed, whatever its nature, receiving a gift gives the giver a positive and caring image. Employees feeling valued and appreciated will be even more motivated.

Offering a gift to your customers: a great opportunity to build customer loyalty

When customer loyalty remains a priority for any company, end of year gifts come at the right time. They make your customers feel important and increase your chances of prolonging the collaboration by remaining positively present in their minds. So it would be a mistake to not use them!

Moreover, offering end of year gifts also means putting human into the client-company relationship. Coupled with a close relationship throughout the year, they show your consideration and gratitude towards them.  

Offering end of year gifts: yes, but which ones?

The choice of end of year gifts is an important step. As with the products and services offered by your company, your gifts must meet the needs of your target group. A gift that is too luxurious could embarrass your customer. In contrast, a gift that is too cheap could have the opposite effect by giving the impression that your company is in poor health.

Think about customised gifts instead of more classic gifts on which you have not been able to add your personal touch.

You don't have an idea? No stress! 

At Qwalis, you have a lot of choices for end of year gifts. We offer a wide variety of customisable corporate gifts adapted to your target group and the message you wish to convey. Something to make a lasting impression at the end of the year!

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