The tote bag is a real catch-all, and has been making its way for more than a century, becoming the must-have that we all know. Simplicity, fashion, personalisation, ecology, it has gradually imposed itself in the daily life of consumers, to the point of becoming a powerful communication medium for companies.


The word "tote bag" comes from the English word "to tote" which means "to lug around". For the French version, the tote bag can be defined as a " fourre-tout ", a name that is far from glamorous. And yet, this canvas bag, usually made of cotton, with two handles and a wide opening is the accessory of the moment! 

Let's talk about history, just a little, we promise...

To know its origin, you have to go back to the beginning of the 20th century, because before it became a must-have in the promotional range, the tote bag was a practical bag adored by British postmen and newspaper criers. Lighter than a leather bag, it immediately presented significant functional arguments. Postal workers used it to carry letters and parcels, but above all to take them out of the bag more easily.

It was in the early 1960s, in American shops and markets, that the real enthusiasm for the tote bag began. Disposable plastic bags gradually gave way to the tote bag. Post-war housewives used it and reused it over and over again to carry their groceries.

It was finally in Berlin that the idea of attaching a design to the fabric of the bag really took off. No wonder when you consider that the German capital has been known for years as the trendiest and most fashionable city on the old continent. At that time, the fashion world was also taking over the trend. Private individuals, companies, associations, artists, events... Everyone wanted to make their mark on this remarkably effective advertising medium.

A really practical bag

Shopping bag for some, beach bag for others, you can fit a lot of things in it. Books, swimming suit, sunscreen, flip-flops... anything that doesn't fit in your handbag can be put in your tote bag. Multidisciplinary and off-road, it fits into all the daily routine. Carried on the shoulder, it's nowadays mainly used to carry groceries or other objects. In a nutshell, nothing can resist it! Once you really understand its utility, it's difficult to do without it.

THE new means of communication

If the tote bag was only used at the time to put one's groceries and bread baguette, many brands today have understood the popularity of this this square of fabric, which no longer has anything to envy from that of Hermès. It's no longer seen only as a "practical" bag, it's now a powerful means of communication. Popular for its many uses, its large marking surface and its small price, the tote bag travels with its owner as he travels. Private individuals, museums, shops, associations, shows, events... the whole world is taking it away!

An eco-friendly bag

The majority of tote bags are made of organic cotton. Robust, puncture-proof and reusable at will, they are a great alternative to plastic bags and allow us to make a contribution to the planet. 

Tips for quality customization

It's essential that you choose the visual that will be printed on your personalised tote bag. Take the time to select the right printing technique and the right bag format. At Qwalis, we guide and support you in the creation of your promotional tote bags in order to guarantee you optimal quality and the rendering that suits you. For your professional events, or as a gift for your customers, personalised tote bags will convey an image of your company everywhere and for a long time to come. 

In conclusion: Practical, visible, inexpensive and ecological, let's thank the postmen of the last century!

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