Our values

Qwalis offers you high quality products with optimal service, while respecting human rights and the environment. Since their creation, the brands, now members of Qwalis, have shared these same fundamental values :


In order to offer you superior quality products, we have carefully selected our raw materials and the factories in which they are processed. Quality control is carried out on an ongoing basis before, during and after each manufacturing process. Maintaining this quality from the beginning until the end is essential. The dyes are all guaranteed and manufactured in Europe or the USA.In contrast to the "disposable" trend, our products are made to last over time.


We are detail-oriented in everything we do. You benefit from a permanent availability with a tailor-made service and we are committed to the greatest reactivity on a daily basis to meet your needs. We guarantee a delivery that meets your expectations in quality and quantity.
We offer product lines for all styles, events, and budgets.


From production to customer, the respect for people and the environment are at the heart of our concern. Producing in Bangladesh and China is an economic reality, but doing so, with respect for workers, is not always the case. By offering you a range of products that are 100% PSI, Oeko-Tex and Sedex certified, Qwalis and its suppliers guarantee transparency and respect.


As a communication and marketing consulting agency, we strive to find innovative creative ideas to boost your projects and achieve your objectives. Audacity, originality and creativity govern our thinking, in order to bring you the solutions adapted to your needs.

Our certifications

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