The FPCP3 face protector, washable and reusable, is composed of 2 layers. The inner layer, made of 100% cotton from 150 to 180 g/m2, tightly knitted, combines protection and comfort. The outer layer, made of polyester with a specific waterproofing treatment, offers highly effective protection. The FPCP3 facial protection offers you a very high quality protection, very similar to the "FFP2" approved mask, breathable and comfortable.
Delivery time: from 5 to 25 days following quantities and subject to the variation of transport conditions due to the current situation in Europe.

Maintenance : 

  • Wash at 40°C-60°C
  • The ironing must be done on the cotton side. 

This is not a surgical protection.

Technical details :

  • Materials : cotton + polyester
  • Layers: 2 
  • Customization: no
  • Production: Europe
  • Non-contractual photo and color depending on the materials available.
  • Product reference : FPCP3
  • Packaging: per 10 pc 
  • Type of packaging: cellophane
  • Dimensions: 18cm X 9cm

Certification and homologation :

Obtaining certification under current conditions being particularly difficult due to the lack of available laboratory facilities, we are not afraid to say that given the quality of the materials used and the knowledge of our teams, the level of protection of the FPCP3 mask is equivalent to FFP2 type protection (particle retention equal to or greater than 94%).

Price and payment conditions :

Tarif (VAT EXC): 

  • 0-499 : 5.50€
  • 500-999 : 3.00€
  • 1.000-9.999: 2.60€
  • > 10.000 : 2,50€

Payment conditions: 50% with order and 50% upon goods delivery

Duration use ?

The duration of protection varies between 5 and 8 hours. Once in place, it should not be touched and should be changed as soon as it is wet or if it is badly positioned on the face. 

After each use, the protection must be washed in order to be reusable.

How can you order?

For an order inquiry, please use contact form here below or send us an email at 

How to use a washable and reusable protective daily cotton facial protection

  • Wash your hands;
  • Carefully put on thefacial protection so that it covers your nose and mouth and fasten it tightly to fit perfectly; 
  • Keep a good distance (more than one meter) from other people;
  • Wear a facial protection at all times when in contact with other people;
  • Do not touch or replace it with dirty hands; 
  • Never reuse the same facial protection if worn out and not washed.

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