Cotton backpack 135 gsm
with adjustable drawstring closure

Catalogue page 45

Type of packaging: bulk
Material: cotton
Net weight for each piece: 0,065 gr.
Item size: 36 x 46 cm
Printing technique: screen printing
Printing position: central
Dimension of the marking: 26 x 26 cm

  • NOIR (02)
  • ROUGE (03)
  • BLEU FONCE (05)
  • BLEU ROYAL (10)
  • VERT FONCE (64)
  • NATUREL (22)
  • JAUNE (06)
  • ORANGE (07)
  • BLEU CIEL (15)
  • VERT POMME (44)
  • BLANC (01)
  • GRIS (08)
  • ROSE (12)

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